Hello, I'm Alisha Afrank.


I've always loved to workout, but as my family grew my time shrunk! I had a desire to help friends and myself find ways to stay fit, have fun and still have time for family and priorities! I created an online community to do exactly that!

Now I can easily press play, get my sweat on, give high fives to my sister squad and I'm done in 30 minutes!

But I knew that this simplicity magic had to spread beyond my workouts.

What if I could help women declutter their mind, body and soul? What if we did it together? Poof - The Fitness Minimalist Membership was born!

My Story


I started teaching fitness at age 16! I fell in love with the diversity of modalities to get movement in, from teaching PiYo, TurboKick, Zumba, Pilates, and BCx Bootcamp, to eventually starting my own Studio Bootcamp and leading group personal training, to getting Holy Yoga certified, and becoming a Certified Functional Breathwork Practitioner. 

I believe the key to my love for fitness has been adding variety and keeping it fun! That's what I have always brought my clients!

The former school teacher in me also comes out often as I am always finding fun and creative new ways to keep you motivated! 

My greatest joy and purpose is being a wife to my husband of over 20 years and a mama to our 3 beautiful children! 

I believe God has called us to do life TOGETHER, and I'm ready to meet you sister! 

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