Progress Through Simplicity. 


When you simplify your fitness and your life

you start to declutter your mind, body and soul. 

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Guided Faith Meditations will fuel your peace while filling your mind with scripture

Life can be Crazy Sometimes

Your fitness, faith and life shouldn't be.

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Hello, I'm Alisha. After teaching in the gym for over 20 years I've discovered a love for home workouts and finding ways to simplify every area of my life (and now yours)!

Fitness, nutrition,, should not be complicated! I have a passion for coaching women on how to master their mindset, create space for their priorities, and lead a life they love. Let's go!

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With A Huge Variety You

Will Never Get Bored!

The Fitness Minimalist Method  

Strong LIFT

Designed to help you build strength and lean muscle using dumbbells, bands and core sliders.

DB HIIT, DB Chair, Superset HIIT, AMRAP, DB Pyramids, DB Ladders + more

Strong FUN

Designed to break up your routine with FUN workouts that only use bodyweight or light weights.

Kickboxing, Tabata, Barefoot Bootcamp, No Repeat Mash Ups + more

Strong CALM

Designed to help you increase flexibility, balance, mobility, and core strength. It's the calm in your week.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Mobility, Yoga HIIT, Yoga Sculpt + more


Weekends should be Rejuvenating

Sometimes life gets in the way, though. So we spent too much time on the couch or eating out in an attempt to catch a  break. 

What do you have going on this weekend?

  • Packed full of activities?
  • Got nothing going on?

Either way, this checklist is for you! Because weekends shouldn't just be relaxing, they should be rejuvenating.



  • 4 Phase Strong Bold Life Transformation Blueprint
  • Mindset & Life Coaching Calls
  • Workout Challenges
  • On-Demand Workouts 


  • Faith Meditations
  • Monthly Simplicity Solution
  • Challenge Calendar
  • Guest Experts
  • Private Community
  • Access to Alisha + Support
  • Accountability Pods (optional)
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You will be guided through the exact 4 Phase Transformation Blueprint that so many women have found results from working through!

This process gives you the solid foundations you need mentally and physically to succeed and a clear path to follow to get life changing results.  

In addition, you can join the exclusive member's only workout challenge, access the workout vault full of a variety of workouts, and access a library of bonus content! 

Christy F.

"I'm at peace with my routines and more mindful with my eating habits!"

Haylee B.

"I love the workouts! Kickboxing is my favorite and I love that I can do them anytime with my busy schedule!"

Brenda O.

"Alisha's coaching calls were the BEST thing I could have done for myself! I'm taking care of my ENTIRE self now!"

Dena K.

"I am now looking towards my vision, conquering negativity and giving it to God!"

D. Halmans

"I am happier and so is my family b/c of the work I've been doing within myself! This program is really way more than just fitness!""

Isabelle J.

"Life. Changing. Experience. Love the workouts and Alisha is a wonderful leader and teacher and so supportive!"

Physically Fit & Mentally Fit

Start Bold. Finish Strong. 


Progress is made when you enjoy what you are doing, when you have accountability, when you see results and when you feel supported!


 The Fitness Minimalist Program is all about getting your body moving, being mindful of your nutrition, developing a strong mindset, simplifying your life and even making some new friends while you're here!


We are better and stronger together!

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