Simplify your fitness. Simplify your life.

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Get results without occupying all of your time.

Phase 1

Strong Foundations

Phase 2

Intuitive Eating

Phase 3

Intuitive Intermittent Fasting

Phase 4

Strong Bold Lifestyle

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Simplify your life, declutter your body, mind and soul.

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Simplicity in Fitness

Getting fit should not feel complicated. If you are always lacking time, energy and motivation to workout, or feel lost and need an action plan, you're in the right place. We are ready to help you simplify your fitness, have fun, and gain confidence through the strength - both inside and out - that you will gain through The Fitness Minimalist Program. 

Simplicity in Food

Are you tired of counting calories, macros, and following restrictive diets? Do you wish you could eat the foods you enjoy without always feeling guilt, shame and failure? The Fitness Minimalist Program will help you develop a healthy relationship with food while simplifying what and how you eat through Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Intermittent Fasting. 

Simplicity in Life

Clutter creates chaos. But clutter doesn't only live in our closets. It takes up space in our mind, body and soul. When your mind is overwhelmed it's hard to make healthy decisions.  When your soul is cluttered it cannot feel peace and happiness. The Fitness Minimalist Program simplifies your life so that you can live a life of joy. 

Simple and Fun

Whether you're a working mom tight on time, or just feeling like your life needs simplicity, I've got you. Join me in The Fitness Minimalist Program for this month's Strong 16 Workouts, Mindset & Life Coaching Calls, Monthly Theme and Simplicity Solution.

This program is designed for women who want to simplify their fitness, food, faith, home and life and see amazing results. 

 The Program:

  • Develop Consistency
  • Workout for strength, mobility, & fun
  • Master your Mindset
  • Transform physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Learn how to eat without diet rules

 Every Month:

  • 16 Workouts + a plan to follow
  • 30 Minute Workouts
  • Full-length Videos
  • Coaching Calls & Check Ins
  • Simplicity Solution
  • Optional small group pods

Immediate Access to:

  • A huge vault of past workouts
  • Signature 4-phase Transformation Blueprint
  • Past coaching calls and workshops
  • Private FB Community
  • Bonus content inside the member portal

Let's create progress through simplicity. Together.

Hey friend! After training women in the gym for 20 years I wanted to support more women on a deeper level! I created this community because I knew that once women started finding joy in the simple, plus learning daily habits and disciplines, it would transform their life!


I will help you love your body into it's healthiest state, find your "Happy Spot", and simplify your fitness and routines without adding more clutter! 


Not only will you see results in your body, but you will also transform your nutrition, mindset, confidence, relationships and life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

Jess Z. 

When I first joined Alisha's members community, I was looking for workouts to fit my crazy schedule. I needed something quick, effective, and convenient for myself and my family. 

I had already been trying my own thing, but progress was slow, so I joined Alisha's program. I found out it was so much more than just workouts! I was introduced to Intuitive Eating, and so much more! Goodbye diet culture, and hello to healing my mindset. Total. Game. Changer.

Alisha's expertise and dedication to the ever-changing field of health and wellness is phenomenal. She's planned, organized and teaches her program in a way that fits every fitness level. I love that the workouts are effective and can be done anywhere and she always shows modifications. 

Her coaching calls are full of content, and the community is vibrant and supportive. The Accountability Pods are also a fun and unique part of the program (that's optional). We share everything - our successes and struggles, encouragement, recipes and more. Just know you are joining a quality program that is fully adjustable and sustainable. I've learned it's not all or nothing, it's mindfully making little adjustments that improve your life. In here, there's no option but growth!  

Lori Q. 

Alisha's program was a turning point for me. I had been going to the gym but when we were forced to stay home in 2020 I joined her new online program. I've actually been working out with Alisha since 2016 - her workouts just work for me!

She's the best motivator and encourager. I am at a place where I really don't want to do crazy heavy lifting, I just need effective workouts. It's amazing that only 30 minutes with Alisha can achieve what I need! I have more definition now then I did before.

This program is also more than just workouts. The knowledge that goes along with the workouts is second to none.

You can't go wrong with joining us online. Your body (and mind) will thank you for it! 

You were not meant to do life alone. I hope you have friends that hold you accountable, pray for you and encourage you. I also hope you have a place to celebrate your wins and feel supported. Life is better together.